Hair Fashion at the Grammys Award Season

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by Wendy Rivasen

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Jeniffer Lopez – Grammy Award

In the past, the major music event, The Grammys Award, typically carried out some celebrity superstars’ most outrageous fashion as well as most sophisticated elegance. But this year, it fashioned a more conservative approach in both hair and dresses. Actually Hollywood got the CBS message!  According to celebrity hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin , head of the top salon NYC “this year they wanted to make a more traditional statement”.

The Grammys afford their way to celebrate songs and performers’ accomplishments. Every year, the awards show honors those who have attained victory in the music business. Several of them have been seen at the top salon NYC before the event…  As the music’s big event progressed, musicians performed live with millions of eyes focused on them. Unfortunately, certain performances didn’t live up to the excitement.

Everybody knows that it is difficult to keep our eyes off Rihanna and Chris Brown.

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Celebrity Hair

It appears that it is precisely the scheme they wanted. The twosome has remained in the view with a lot of PDA, since the latter part of last year. Watching from their seats located in the front-row at the Grammys on Sunday evening, they look very happy together.  With love everything can be dominated…

This year Grammys, Jennifer Lopez dragged her leg out ala Angelina Jolie style with a sexy black gown on the Red Carpet and a tight chignon, the one that is commonly done at the top salon NYC by Rodolfo Valentin.

Beyoncé wore a combination of black and white pantsuit. When grandma saw it she shouted: oh la la, Courrèges is back! Beyoncé’s hair was parted in the center and pushed back in a ponytail while Katy Perry displayed a Gucci mint color gown and her hair was the result of a simple blow dry with a glossy, healthy look.

Top Salon NYC

, hair stylists’ opinions:

What the hair stylists at the top salon NYC have to add? Rihanna’s hair was perfect from every angle, it has the right length which is easily achieved with good hair extensions (of course not the ones that have ruined many celebrities hair), this is the main reason why more and more celebrities are accommodating their schedule to have the time to get to the top salon NYC for their famous hair infusion extensions. They are actually convinced (after repeatedly damaging their hair) that the best hair extension salons of Rodolfo Valentin are the only one performing the authentic hair infusion extensions. They also know that the combination of a good hair extension and the perfect hair color is all they need to attain the perfect 10 hair award!

Jennifer Lopez decided for the high top chignon, the same hairstyle that Rodolfo Valentin displayed in the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion show runways. It is elegant, it is plain, and it is easy to do and light to carry, but still requires a little bit of perfection.

The top salon NYC hair stylists were very pleased with the celebrities’ hair at the Grammys Award this season.